Why Vote for Amy? You ask.

Vote Amy! An Election or a gamble?
If Amy wins, Todd serves out the remainder of his term, as he was elected in 2015 for a 4 year term. If Todd wins, the County Council picks his replacement.
Can we afford to gamble when we have a mega jail on our ballot? Don’t be confused, a vote for Amy, is a vote for an Elected not an appointed County Council.

*Experience in Action: Amy has 39 years in Social Service, 5 years were in service to the U.S. military as well as State, County and non-profits. She currently runs a successful business with a lengthy history of representing uninsured and underinsured both to the State Children’s Administration and the County Behavioral Access Program. She practices what the county committees study. We need that perspective on the council.

*The Voice of Advocacy: Amy has assessed, advocated and acted on issues affecting those less fortunate. She has first-hand knowledge of the causes and consequences of homelessness, income disparity and food insecurity. For years, she has been a voice of advocacy and has brought to the forefront plans that include: tiny home construction, homeless services and wage equality. These problems don’t end at our city limits. Amy’s vision is County-wide. We cannot afford to lose her voice.
*Jail Alternatives: The jail proposal and its 30 year tax structure is not temporary, it is generational. And that is just the start: We lack clear accountabilities re: Operating Costs, environmental mitigation required on a flawed site and jail alternatives. A recent County- commissioned study not only validated her case for jail alternatives, it further predicts an increase in jail population unless we enact County-wide diversion programs, home detention alternatives and bail reform. Amy will work to get services for the poor, mental ill, those with substance abuse issues and those caught in the revolving door of incarceration. ‘Law and Order’ consumes 55-70% of our budget. Do you feel any safer?

*Coal Train Opponent: Since 2011 Amy has taken an aggressive stance against the Gateway Pacific Terminal. She helped inspire our community to condemn the GPT; resulting in 20,000 letters (not signatures) condemning its furtherance. Amy advocates for Lummi Nation sovereignty over their own land and waters. Together, we can affect an environmental and sensible approach to energy policy by looking towards developing and encouraging new renewable energy jobs to our community.

* Equal Representation: We are overdue for a progressive female on our Council. Women comprise 51% of our County population yet are represented at 14% on our Council.

*Fiscally Conservative: Amy’s opponent supports a tax hike for Whatcom homeowners because we haven’t raised property taxes in 20 years. Amy sees a disproportionate amount of money going to ‘Law and Order’, why don’t we start there? In the absence of data- based decisions for taxation, are you willing to rubber stamp a tax increase? Are you willing to risk a Council-appointee to pass up a tax increase? Amy will stand up for a thorough assessment of recurrent existing expenditures. We just spent $300,000 for recurrent homeless camp clean ups while ignoring preventative and cost- efficient alternatives. An average tiny home is $10,000. To start, let’s install portable bathrooms and arrange routine garbage collection for homeless camps. These solutions aren’t just humane, they are environmentally responsible and reflect that Amy will remain a thoughtful Steward of our Tax Dollars.