Water is rapidly decreasing worldwide and is becoming a very valuable commodity. Our county is not immune to this concern.  The Lummi Nation and Nooksack Tribes have water rights to ensure they have ample water for fishing and living.

We have farmers requiring lots of water for irrigation but this presents concerns about polluting water with herbicides and pesticides.  There are people with land that they wonder if they can get wells dug to make their land useable.  There are people wanting to buy property but they don't know if they can get permission to drill a well.  Then we have homes that rely on our watersheds and community water associations.  There is tons of need but the needs must be prioritized.

I want to learn more from Whatcom County’s industries, farms, recreational sites and homeowners in order to do more about securing enough water for all involved with an understanding of the legal rights already in existence.  There will not be enough water to go around and we need to consider this fact when we decide what new industries would be beneficial to the county. We can't do it all and some people will not be happy however if we run out of clean water, we are all in deep trouble.