We have an incredibly smart talented creative community. We have several schools of higher learning and that  brings to our community a bright population of students and teachers. We have a large retiree population of people who come all walks of life from all over the country.  We are directly next to the most vibrant popular part of Canada.

The people that settle in our area have the skills and abilities to provide us with what we need now but I think also what we need for our future.  The solar panel industry is booming and growing right here in Bellingham. There is no reason why we can't be the hub of renewable energy in both development and manufacturing.  This is our future.
We have land and we have farmers.  We can work together to come up with new crops and new ways to preserve the land for future generations.  We can look towards replacing old polluting ways of farming with ecologically safe methods that are healthy for our food, the wildlife, the water and people in general.

I have seen a lot of growth in the 13 years I have lived in Whatcom County and lots of new industry has come to our area. With our beauty, water, proximity to Canada, mountains and a University, we can encourage the kind jobs to our area that can do anything.  We are close to the airport. A train ride to the city.  20 minutes to Vancouver. Telecommuting to anywhere.  This is where to be for work, play and retirement.

I intend to encourage and foster the growth of our own Bellingham based solar businesses, nurture new technologies that better utilize our sound born winds and promote all forms of sustainable power production from geo-thermal and tidal to wave energies as well. These new industries can be developed to respect the land, water and air while providing us with renewable sustainable jobs.