Over the course of my thirty-nine years of “in-the- trenches” social work experience working with children and families on the east and west coast and overseas with the US Army, I have acquired an intimate understanding of the challenges that everyday people encounter.
To be a social worker is to have a front row seat to the spectacle of how politics and policy play out in real life. I have found that it is virtually impossible to separate politics and social work since the former so profoundly effects everyone.
As a member of the Whatcom County community, I have also used my social work skills to assist in community actions that succeeded in preventing the Gateway Pacific (Coal) Terminal from getting the necessary permits to build the largest coal terminal on the west coast, threatening the health and safety of the Lummi Nation, the communities close to the terminal and the planet as a whole. I have found that our community has a enormous amount of smart talented people and with all the hard work put in to these fights, we can prevail. I am eager to put my energy and skills in to making sure that Cherry Point will not have any new or increased fossil fuel industry.
As a member of the County Council, I will work on behalf of the environment and the disadvantaged. We can balance caring for our people while protecting the planet and developing new industries that will create living wages for our citizens. With the election of Mr. Trump as our president, it is even more important for us to make sure our community is safe for its citizens and the environment because the new administration will be doing their best to promote the fossil fuel industry and not promote services to people. We can build this local economy with sustainable jobs in solar, wind and maybe hemp industries just to name a few.
Bernie Sanders has left us to manage Our Revolution. I hope to make him and all of you proud.
Consider voting for me, Amy Glasser, as your representative council person for the new North Bellingham County District 2.

Originally from Long Island, New York, I received my baccalaureate degree in Social Services and master’s degree in Social Work from the Universities of New Hampshire and Connecticut respectively. In 1978, I began my professional career in Massachusetts working for the State as a child abuse and neglect investigator, specializing in the prevention and treatment of child abuse. In 1982 I met my husband, Sonny Meehan, who was also a human service worker. We settled into a small city on the north shore of Massachusetts quite similar to Bellingham. After ten years of working for the State I ventured out and ran a treatment program for mentally disturbed adolescent boys and then I was the Program Director for a local mental health center.
In 1995 my husband and I then left the US with the plans of trying to live in Europe, specifically The Netherlands. With a huge amount of luck I was able to get a job as a social worker for the US Army where I provided social work services to Army families. It was an amazing experience. Professionally I got a chance to see how other countries address social concerns. After a total of 5 years we returned to the States and after exploring a few areas on the west coast we found Bellingham and Whatcom County, a beautiful environment with progressive thinking people, temperate climate and close to Canada.
In 2003 we bought a ten acres spread outside Bellingham in Custer where our 2 border collies could run and play as much as they wanted. I established a small private mental health therapist practice where I work with children and adults experiencing trauma and family crises. I currently work with the WA State Children's Administration and the County Behavioral Health Access Program providing therapy and case management services.
In 2014 we decided to sell the farm and move to Bellingham, where we now live close to the hospital, which is important as we get older. The dogs are seniors and we are all quite content on our 1/3 acre plot. We hope to stay in this home as long as our health allows us to.
I am hoping the next chapter in our lives is politics and using my skills for the betterment of the community as a whole.

 Amy Glasser for County Council listening to her constituents
Amy listening to her constituents