Thank YOU. With your help, I’ve made it to the November ballot and it’s going to be fight.
But, despite this crazy campaign season; I continue my PERSONAL fight for Justice not Jails and Homes for the Homeless. Those who know me, understand that these are more than ‘politically convenient’ platform issues; they’re the deep personal values I will bring to our seat on the County Council. With a Council divided 4-3 to support a new jail, can we really afford to rely on a Council-appointed member to uphold our values?
You know I will and I need your help.
As any grassroots campaign, or until we pass Campaign Reform, people and money are needed, and we’re no different. My opponent has the entitlements of his incumbency: ‘carry over’ endorsements (and their cash) from his last run/current term, two years ago and access to donor lists and volunteer resources. I however, have earned the most important endorsement. Yours. So, I’m sending this SOS to you. Can you throw in a donation today for $40.00?
I also need you. Many of you know the 'deal': doorbelling, phone banking, data entry, research, event host. I’ll be posting more on this in the near future. PM me if you would like to volunteer. All are welcome.
Again, thank you. I am ready to fight all the way...for you, with you.